It’s been two years of soul searching.youre not alicegood times for a changesee the luck i've had can make a good man turn badplease let me get what i want this time

I am feeling things that only my imaginary movie photo sets could explain. In getting lost, I have found myself. I stopped writing regularly for two years, in my journals and on my old blog. I’ve been trying to restart my old blog since a few months ago but it feels wrong. It feels wrong because that’s not who I am anymore and I will preserve it as a tribute to my old self. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have so much respect for people who don’t delete old posts on facebook no matter how obnoxious their old selves might be. It’s all about the journey, not about the destination. I have gone through so much evolving in a span of four semesters in college. I guess it just happens when you move out. I was a kid who was never left alone, I grew up with an audience watching me. I censored myself a lot before for the sake of my ‘image’. Whatever that is. This is my greatest gift to you, my true self. No censorship, no one controlling me anymore, no tv network, no scripted bullshit. I don’t just owe it to my readers, I owe it to myself. Deuces!

♡ A R I A ♡


  1. you never fail to amaze me from being the girl on a fake nerdglasses to this… I really adore you from not being afraid to show who you are, not minding what might other people would say…aaaghh I just love you more and more… my little big star aria…keep safe and God bless..Iloveyou



  2. Well.. YOU is YOU and no one can ever replace you except you. 😀 Welcome back Aria! You’re such an inspiration to us. 🙂 Always here to support! Keep it up! ❤ :*



  3. For the past months, I visited your old blog, waiting for you to write again but it never came. But here’s a new blog, a new you. I am so excited to read everything you will write here. You are simply amazing!



  4. hi guys..pls do pm me s fb q facebook.com/gracielamae or kindly search graciela mae salonga…i’m planning something for aria ^^



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