where the hell is aria?

IMG_1906IMG_0606  IMG_0610IMG_0573IMG_2302  IMG_2303IMG_2321IMG_2157  IMG_2153IMG_2318IMG_2147  IMG_2572IMG_0164IMG_2336  lalaIMG_0271IMG_0374  IMG_0759IMG_0534IMG_0273  IMG_0284IMG_1221IMG_0983  IMG_0066IMG_1731IMG_0884  IMG_0975Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 1.27.35 PMIMG_0997  IMG_1224

I haven’t had a lot of adventures lately so i’m posting the ones i previously had. Well, I do go on adventures a lot but I guess I don’t go on adventures for the sake of photos anymore. There are just ones I’d like to keep to myself. This is just a series of fitting room selfies and random snapshots from my three month LA getaway last summer.


♡ A R I A ♡


  1. Tbh,I was curious about your blog. And really,I’m not into reading blogs so I consider this as my first blog that I viewed. And about your blog,it’s awesome. Keep it up. I hope someday you’ll get credits for this.

    And PS,upload more videos of you on your YouTube account. Your voice is cool and smooth. I like it.



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