IMG_1396I didn’t intend on making museum hopping a series on my blog but I could not stop doing this. I’ve been back and forth LA and Manila for a few years but I’ve never visited the Getty until this year. I find that most people I know who have lived here their whole lives haven’t been to the Getty.

IMG_1436IMG_1406  IMG_1431IMG_0019IMG_1373  IMG_1354IMG_1371IMG_1360  IMG_1362IMG_1369IMG_1366  IMG_1368IMG_1412IMG_1392
IMG_1400  IMG_1402IMG_1403The photos I’ve shown from top to bottom:
1. A photo of me at the beautiful Getty gardens.
2. A photo of a tap card and mine and Gian’s feet.
3. The Getty Museum’s stunning architecture.
4. 405 Freeway, Los Angeles, CA.
5. Venus by Joseph Nollekens. Marble. 1773.
6. Photo taken by my friend Gian Barbarona.
7. Shadow of the Statue of Mercury by Johann Gregor
van der Schardt. Bronze. about 1570-1580.
8. Vase by Jean-Désiré Ringel d’Illzach. Bronze
and Copper. 1889.
9. Museum lighting design // Natural light.
10. One of the most famous Paul Cezanne paintings,
Still Life with Apples. Oil on canvas. 1893-1894.
11. A close up of Still Life with Apples.
12. Portrait of Madame Brunet by Edòuard Manet.
Oil on canvas. about 1861-1863.
13. My second favorite Pierre-Auguste Renoit painting,
La Promenade. Oil on canvas, 1870.
(My favorite Renoir is in Washington, DC and
it is called “Luncheon of the Boating Party”)
14. Close up of Renoir’s signature.
15. Photo of me with Portrait of Jeane Kéfer by
Fernand Khnopff. Oil on canvas. 1885.
(Photo taken by Gian Barbarona)
16. Photo of Gian in the gardens taken by me.
17. Flowers.
18. Woven in Gold: Tapestries of Louis XIV tarpaulin.
19. Something I drew at the museum store.

I went to the Getty with a childhood friend, Gian. There isn’t much that I can say except that a trip to the museum is always a good idea. Your soul will be fed with so much love and inspiration. Seeing a Van Gogh painting in person is too overwhelming, I have to talk about it in a separate post.


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