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This happened last august! It was Princess Venzon’s debutante ball. She’s my friend-slash-old-roommate and I was one of her 18 candles. The theme was “Royal Ball” but i ended up looking like a villain, anyway.


CAPE: designed by me
TOP: victoria’s secret
SKIRT: designed by me
HAIR & MAKEUP: by me
LIPSTICK: Lime Crime Salem


♡ A R I A ♡

PS: The first photo was taken by my friend, Eli Sepe.


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Summer’s almost over for me. Classes start on August 10 at my university! I, together with two of my closest friends, went to the national library to research but alas, it was under renovation. They gave us an endorsement letter for the CCP library instead. I never knew it existed, to be honest. When we arrived ate CCP (which by the way stands for “Cultural Center of the Philippines), there was a Ben Cabrera aka “BenCab” exhibit beside the library. It was free, so what the hell, right? The first three photos of this post were taken from that exhibit. After research, we ate late lunch and went on a spontaneous trip to the Metropolitan Museum of the Arts at Roxas! Fun fact: we walked from the national library to CCP and it really hot but it was legendary. These are the kind of days I live for. Here’s to more adventures (even when school starts, hopefully)!! I’d take museums over bars and parties anytime. How are you spending your last few days of summer freedom?


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where the hell is aria?

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I haven’t had a lot of adventures lately so i’m posting the ones i previously had. Well, I do go on adventures a lot but I guess I don’t go on adventures for the sake of photos anymore. There are just ones I’d like to keep to myself. This is just a series of fitting room selfies and random snapshots from my three month LA getaway last summer.


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DEAR DIARY (July 18, ’15)

Dear diary,

I watched movies the whole day with my best friend. It’s been a pretty bad week for me.

This day just sort of helped me forget my problems for a while. We watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie, The Book Of Life and Cinderella (2015). It was our first time watching The Book Of Life and my first time watching the new version of Cinderella. It makes sense that it takes so much courage to be kind. I never thought about it that way since I’m a pretty sassy asscrown myself.

I hate how you’d actually be happy for a while and then something happens and it makes everything feel like shit and that you really haven’t improved a little bit. Sometimes it even feels like you’re worse than you were before. It’s four o’clock in the morning and I think i need to sleep now.

Here’s a lullaby to help us all sleep:


♡ A R I A ♡


A trip to the national museum…


IMG_0159  IMG_0160


IMG_0123_Fotor   IMG_0110 copyfinal3 IMG_0151 copyIMG_0116 copy   final2

Most times, we never really get to explore where we’re at. A few years back, I lived in California but I never really got to explore what’s right in front of me. Now, I have my own apartment in Manila and the only place I’ve ever really been to were malls or Intramuros. Ann (my best friend), Ken (my cousin) and I went to the Philippine National Museum a few weeks back. Admission was free until the end of June. The Spolarium by Juan Luna was obviously the main attraction but it struck me how much of the other works are ignored. My personal favorite would probably be the room full of sculptures (though I’m not a big fan of orange. really? orange walls?). We’re planning on hitting Ayala Museum next. Maybe, Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo as well but I heard how crowded it could be.

♡ A R I A ♡

PS: I forgot to jot down the artists of the artworks I took pictures of. So sorry!


It’s been two years of soul searching.

youre not alicegood times for a changesee the luck i've had can make a good man turn badplease let me get what i want this time

I am feeling things that only my imaginary movie photo sets could explain. In getting lost, I have found myself. I stopped writing regularly for two years, in my journals and on my old blog. I’ve been trying to restart my old blog since a few months ago but it feels wrong. It feels wrong because that’s not who I am anymore and I will preserve it as a tribute to my old self. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have so much respect for people who don’t delete old posts on facebook no matter how obnoxious their old selves might be. It’s all about the journey, not about the destination. I have gone through so much evolving in a span of four semesters in college. I guess it just happens when you move out. I was a kid who was never left alone, I grew up with an audience watching me. I censored myself a lot before for the sake of my ‘image’. Whatever that is. This is my greatest gift to you, my true self. No censorship, no one controlling me anymore, no tv network, no scripted bullshit. I don’t just owe it to my readers, I owe it to myself. Deuces!

♡ A R I A ♡